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Moony games

Indie Game Developer


Indie Game Dev

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I have been studying game art and design since 2015 at Ringling College of Art and Design. In Fall of 2019 I changed my major to something a little less extreme compared to Game Art that was being taught there. This change I felt was necessary as I felt that I wasn't really going anywhere in Ringling's Game Art program and that no matter how much effort I put into my work it was never good enough.


I wanted to still pursue making games, but Ringling's program was making me hate making them and even got to the point where playing games wasn't fun for me anymore with how rigorous the curriculum was. So I went into Visual Studies which allowed me to create my own curriculum and study game design at my own pace.

I graduated Ringling in December of 2020 with a degree is Visual Studies and since then continued my passion for art and games and through that I met a wonderful bunch of people and landed job as a 3D modeler for their indie game company.

Back in 2022, I joined Devious Eye Entertainment and quickly worked my way up to leadership. I started as a 3D modeler for the first sub indie studio Before the Storm, then became Senior 3D Artist for their second sub indie Astrocyte Games, and now I am the Studio Head for their sub indie studio.

Personal Projects

The Great Dungeon Heist

dungeon hiest.png

Coming Soon

The Adventures of Captain Catsnip

Coming Soon

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