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What is the Dnd Monster Chest Ita Bag?


It is an ita bag inspired by a well know and loved monster of the hit roll playing game Dungeons and Dragons. 

It will feature a large clear ita pocket in the front where you can store all sorts of things, including Pins, Charms, Art, or anything else you could imagine!


The front of the bag can be unzipped so that you can remove the included insert, which makes it easier to design your pin layout with out needing to reach your hand into the bag. 


The bags main features are a large padded back pocket that can fit a 14.5in Laptop,  along with a smaller pouch perfectly sized for a full size switch and a zippered pouch. It will has adjustable straps as well as 3 heavy duty snaps for bottom and top rows of teeth and 2 snaps for the tongue.




The front panel is 12*16.5''
The main pocket is 10.25*14.25''
The laptop pocket is 9.25*11.25''
The two pockets are 7*4''



Monster Chest Ita Bag

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