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Thesis: The Candlestick Boy

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The Candlestick Boy is a 3D environment of a scene from my story The Candlestick Boy that would one day be developed into a game. What started as an unknown origin for a nickname and mind boggling jokes between friends. The Candlestick Boy became the basis of a story about abuse and unholy rituals in the house of God. The story is about a rookie cop named Connor who is assigned multiple missing children’s cases. His search brings him to an abandoned church out in the middle of the woods, there he meets the ghost of a young boy named Alex. They must work together to discover the link that ties the missing children to events that lead to Alex’s death back in 1886. The scene that was created from this story is the scene when Connor comes to the church late at night to meet backup with Alex. 


The story began as an assignment from a previous creative writing class I took back in spring of 2020. The origin of the nickname The Candlestick dates way back to mid 2000’s in an old middle school yearbook that belonged to a dear friend of mine. My husband and had been attending that middle school at the same time as my friend and in her yearbook she wrote under his name and photo “candlestick boy” we found that year book during my senior year of highschool and began questioning her why she gave him that name and she was just as surprised and dumbfounded as the rest of our friend group of 10. To this day we still have no clue what led to the name and we constantly make jokes that she will remember the meaning of said name on her deathbed. With all the possible reasons we made up as to what it could mean it all made for a really great horror story and potentially horror game. 


My research for this topic was on the study of how the paranormal affects society and why it’s such an attractive subject among us. Rumors of paranormal events pop up in almost every country which then lead to those that wish to take the opportunity and make a fortune with it. The most famous state for its hauntings being Louisanna and more specifically in the city of New Orleans many have made successful business ventures by becoming tourist traps. Stories that come from events of gruesome scale also tend to make great ghost stories. Combining rumors and stories, taking elements from them helped in forming The Candlestick Boy story in order to create a visually appealing scene from it.

Thesis Statement
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